Three visions of Curriculum

Before the Reading

Curriculum the Followers the Research

I think that curriculum is made by people of government. They decide the curriculum with various research and what the consensus of the best teaching technic is in the scientific community. They also check how well the new curriculum will be received by the public.

During my Reading

Curriculum, the Controlling Hand

When I was reading, I remember an experience I had in one of my classes. The teacher was demonstrating results of research about reducing illiteracy and said a remark about wondering why the government does not apply the tips in the research.  My colleges answer that the government does it on purpose, because dumb people are easier to manipulate. At that time, many others and I agree with them.

After the reading

Curriculum, the Results of Populace

After my readings, I came to understand that I may not have been right in both of my interpretation.  The government is not really our perfect representation of it who follow all the good researches in their decision and it is not an evil corporation that is trying to dumb the voters for having an easier time passing some bad law. It is in the middle of the two. Politicians are busy men that do not really have the time and the formation to refer to research in their decision (Levin. 2008). They are grounded in reality and what matters is the electors. Most of the time their decisions are made with their ideology in mind, because the electors that vote for them believe in that ideology. Curriculum is a product of our voting and politicians are just trying to read what the majority of the population want for their decision.

My Reaction

I was not surprised at all by the content of the article. In fact, after reading the article, I feel a bit naïve in my reading answer. I knew how politics work and that the curriculum is heavily influenced by the politician’s ideology and surveys was no big surprise. I think our politics system is flawed, but I do not how or if we can solve it. So right now, the only thing left to do is to play along and put as much as political pressure as we can to convince the politicians on our view of the world.


What kind of political pressure can we do to change the curriculum?

Levin, B. (2008). Curriculum policy and the politics of what should be learned in schools. In F. Connelly, M. He & J. Phillion (Eds.), The SAGE handbook of curriculum and instruction (pp. 7 – 24).

2 thoughts on “Three visions of Curriculum

  1. Hi Tristan!

    I had a similar view of curriculum prior to reading the article. Like you, I didn’t realize just how much everyday people who vote, play a part in the creation of the curriculum. I agree that we must pressure politics and share our views on how we believe education should run; however, I too question how we, as teachers, can begin to do this?


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